It’s Anniversary Time!

It’s incredible to think that the very first PANTECHNICON Recordings release, the one that started it all and gave the label its name, turns ten years old on Sunday, September 5, 2021! We’re starting the celebration a couple of days early to coincide with Bandcamp Friday, where Bandcamp waive their fees, allowing artists extra benefit from sales. To give even more listeners access to the album “Guy Hatton’s PANTECHNICON”, we’re removing the fixed pricing and making it a “pay-as-you-feel” item, in line with the pricing policy we apply to all our other releases. If you haven’t already checked out this fine album featuring Guy Hatton (Guitar), Graham Clark (Violin), Phil Meadows (Saxophones), Dave Evans (Keyboards), Roger Inniss (Bass) and Jose Williamson (Drums), there’s never been a better time. Here’s the link:

Guy Hatton’s PANTECHNICON on Bandcamp

Bandcamp Friday runs from midnight to midnight Pacific Time on Friday September 3.