The Drive To ’21, Episode 3 – bigEZ: Everything Under The Sun (2020)

The Drive To ’21, Episode 3 – At last, bigEZ’s undiscovered pop/soul gem from 1994, “Everything Under The Sun”, rediscovered, remastered and given its long-overdue first public release.

Written by Guy Hatton & Quentin Churchill.

Quentin Churchill and Diana Smith: Vocals.
Guy Hatton: Guitars, Keyboards, Programming.

Recorded at Lion Studios, Leeds, UK. Produced by bigEZ.

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PANTECHNICON Recordings: What is The Drive To ’21?

Welcome to the new home of PANTECHNICON Recordings!

The Drive To ’21 is our programme of new releases leading up (hopefully!) to Guy Hatton’s next full-length album release on 2021. The first three Episodes are out now, and we’ve got some exciting new things coming soon – more singles from Guy, and three amazing re-discovered tracks from the archive of Guy’s previous band bigEZ. Keep an eye on this page for updates!

bigEZ Everything Under The Sun cover artGuy Hatton Double Shadow cover artBlue Town cover artwork