Watch PANTECHNICON Recordings videos

Guy Hatton – “Harlequin Fields (Part 2)” (single) (2021):

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Guy Hatton – “Collected Works 2013-2018” (album) (2021):

Full album playlist:

bigEZ – “Silent Hours” (single) (2021):

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Guy Hatton – “The Faraday Café” (single) (2021):

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bigEZ – “Countless Ways” (single) (2021):

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Guy Hatton – “Blue Town” (single) (2020):

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Guy Hatton – “Double Shadow (For J & T)” (single) (2020):

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bigEZ – “Everything Under The Sun” (single) (2020):

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Guy Hatton – “Stroppy Little Poppy” (single) (2020):

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Track breakdown:


Guy Hatton – “The Death Of Air” (single) (2020):

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Track breakdown:

Guitar solo transcription


From the album “I Am Concentric” (2019):

“Crystal Ball Miranda” feat. Andy Tillison – full video:

“Flurries” feat. Phil Meadows – full video:

“Nitrogen Neck” – single version:


From the album “Feedback Alley” (2017):

“Feedback Alley” full video:

“Clockwork Dog” – single version


From the mini-album “Switch On Your Electric Light” (2016):

“Mendips” – full video:

“Polar Vortex” – full video:

“Electric Light” – full video:

“Slaves To The Green Man” – full video:


From the EP “When The Moon Is Fat” (2014):

“Midsummer Night On Church Green” – full video:

“Seven Pictures Of The Sun” – full video:

“Crumple Zone” – full video:


From the EP “Daylight” (2013):

“The Hundred Of Hoo” – full video:

“Brookwood Blues” – full video:

“Daylight’s Dauphin” – full video:


From the album “Guy Hatton’s PANTECHNICON” (2011):

“Six Four Eight Seven Four” – full video:

“On Hill Cliffe” – full video:

“MThe Middle Of The Outside Of Nowhere” – full video: