The Drive To ’21, Episode 7 – bigEZ: Silent Hours (2021)

Episode 7 of the ongoing Drive To ‘21 is the final single in a series of three rediscovered tracks by Guy Hatton and Quentin Churchill’s band bigEZ, a rock/funk/soul project which was in force from approximately 1985 to 1994. In 2020, a number of unreleased recordings from this period were found in the archives, remastered and prepared to be launched publicly for the very first time. The other songs on this series are “Everything Under The Sun” and “Countless Ways”.

Quentin Churchill: Vocals
Debra Robson: Backing Vocals
Guy Hatton: Guitars, Keyboards and Programming.

Written by Guy Hatton and Quentin Churchill, recorded at Lion Studios, Leeds UK. Produced by Guy Hatton.

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