Forward Into ‘22, Episode 5 – Guy Hatton: Hanging On In A Hurricane


It’s been a long wait, but finally Guy Hatton’s third solo album, “Hanging On In A Hurricane”, is out now on PANTECHNICON Recordings.

With seven stunning new tracks covering the full range of Guy’s musical vision, from hard rock to sweeping orchestral vistas, via jazz-inflected melodies and harmony, sumptuous arrangements and eerie soundscapes, “Hanging On In A Hurricane” is a thrilling 71-minute journey of sheer aural delight.

Guest appearances from multiple award-winning saxophonist Phil Meadows and keyboardist/vocalist Andy Tillison (lynchpin of British progressive rockers The Tangent) round off the experience.

“Hanging On In A Hurricane” is available now to download from Bandcamp in multiple format options (including lossless), and will be streaming on all major platforms.

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